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Disaster recovery and planning

Although disaster recovery (DR) has been around since the 70’s, once organizations first began to acknowledge their dependence on computer systems, there was a greater need to under the vital task of disaster recovery and the vital task it plays. First, the importance of disaster recovery plays a critical role in protecting an organization’s technology infrastructure and ensuring that unforeseen issues do not impact ongoing operations. In any instance of a disaster whether that been naturally occurring (i.e. flood, tornado, hurricane, etc) or man-made such the cutting of wires or systems failure or cyber-attack, any of these disasters can bring mayhem on your business even if the data or technology infrastructure remains physically untouched.

What is disaster recovery planning?

Proactive planning requires that organizations have an action plan that details the approach to resuming mission-critical functions quickly so that it minimizes losses in revenues or business operations. Often times, organizations overlooked other threats like cyber-attacks, instrumentality failures, and even act of terrorism and are not adequately prepared for these events. An IT disaster recovery plan ought to be developed in conjunction with the business continuity plan. Priorities and recovery time objectives for data technology ought to be developed throughout the business impact analysis while technology recovery methods should be developed to revive hardware, applications, and knowledge in time to fulfill the wants of the business recovery. Businesses of all sizes produce and manage large volumes of electronic data or knowledge and the loss or corruption from hardware failure, human error, hacking or malware might be vital could be detrimental to the organization. In a time where any of these disasters are eminent, having some type of business continuity and recovery plan to proactively backup and restore all systems and data is crucial.

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